Integration simplifies Construction Accounting

"RedTeam automatically enters our transactions into QuickBooks, and even sets up Customers, Vendors, Projects and Cost Codes on the really couldn't be easier."

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Construction Accounting for QuickBooks

Connect RedTeam to QuickBooks Online for a complete Construction Accounting solution for Commercial Contractors and Subcontractors.

Cloud applications are much easier to implement and significantly less expensive to own and maintain that traditional desktop software, require no on-premise servers to maintain, and compatible with the universe of internet connected devices now and into the future.
More than anything else, social design means RedTeam captures essential project information naturally from everyday interactions among project team members, eliminating duplicate effort and enabling your teams to maximize their productivity.
Manage all aspects of your construction business on RedTeam, including business development, estimating, preconstruction, project management, equipment management and accounting on one complete solution that can scale with your business.
RedTeam connects to other systems using “old school” data import/export (for legacy software such as Master Builder, Timberline, Maxwell, etc.) and cloud API’s for seamless integration with the latest technologies.


Sophisticated accounting features for your commercial construction enterprise!

Seamless Integration

Integrated systems eliminate duplicate data entry.

Once connected, RedTeam and QuickBooks operate together as one system. RedTeam enters all project-related transactions into QuickBooks (including Customers, Projects, Vendors, Cost Codes, Customer Billing, Vendor Invoices, and Employee Time and Expenses) and automatically reflects associated Receipts and Payments recorded in QuickBooks.

Progress Billing

AIA-style Progress Billing for Project Owners.

RedTeam creates industry-standard AIA-Style G702/G703 Progress Billing forms, and handles all of the unique requirements of Construction Accounting including Schedules of Value, Changes, Customer Retainage and Stored Material.

Construction Payments

Streamline Payments for Subcontractors and Suppliers.

RedTeam has comprehensive features for processing Construction Payments, such as Progress Billing, Vendor Retainage, Time of Payment Clauses, Joint/Alternate Payees, Lien Waivers, Change Orders, Back Charges and Insurance Certificates.

Project Accounting

Construction Job Cost and Revenue Recognition.

Job Cost is the foundation for Construction Accounting and Project Management. RedTeam produces real-time job cost reports linked directly to QuickBooks Online. In addition, revenue recognition based on industry-standard percentage of completion ensures a more accurate top line, so you can better control your bottom line. RedTeam produces a full Work in Progress ("WIP") schedule with calculation of over and under billing by accounting period.

Reports designed for Contractors

Accounting drives accountability.

In business, we all know, we get what we measure. Instead of cobbling together bits and pieces of data from separate systems, RedTeam and QuickBooks produces accounting reports precisely optimized for the business of construction.

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  • We finally have all our project information in one place. No more searching through folders on our server just to get what we need.

    . . . .
    Russ Cammack, Managing Partner
  • It's great having all our project information updated in real-time, and not having to wait until the end of the month to see where we stand.

    . . . .
    Fred Dittmaier, Operations Manager
  • RedTeam offers the best all around solution for our core business needs, from Pre-Construction to Project Closeout. It’s intuitive, collaborative, and accessible from anywhere.

    . . . .
    Chris Rollins, Chief Operating Officer / Sr. VP
  • RedTeam has positively impacted nearly every aspect of our business. It has enabled us to operate more efficiently, and enhanced the way we are viewed by customers, subcontractors and even by our employees.

    . . . .
    Mark Knott, Director of Business Development